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Easy and effective ways to de-stress

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Certain events and situations in our daily life can cause tension and stress. This in turn can cause a delay to our progress and leave you wondering what to do next. Many of us will have come across such situations and most of the time will brood about it instead of finding a way to deal with it.

This need not be the case. The sky does not fall because of these happenings and there are some easy and effective tools for you to use. You will be back to be yourself in no time.

- Do not get close to people who have a negative or complaining attitude for very small issues. Avoid them, keep away from such people as they are infectious!

- Keep tapping your thighs  and hum your favourite song or music.

- Call and speak to your close friends or well wishers

- Learn to say no to offers and attractions which your inner mind will not accept. It is such temptations which land us in difficulties. Also do not accept jobs which you can not do even if you are promised exorbitant payment.

- When you are stressed your brain does not work to 100%. Seek help from people who are close to you.

- When you are stressed in your work, look away for ten seconds at things which you like to enjoy. These may be fresh flowers, paintings, trees,  birds or whatever inspires you. A new flush of energy will come to you.

- Write down the reason for your stress then tear it off and throw it away.

- Start doing some physical activity such as cleaning your room,  running, skipping or yoga. Stretch your legs and your feet and your mind will become lighter.

- Prepare a basin of warm water, add some salt and soak your feet for half hour.

- When you happen to do a blunder, recall yourself and laugh it out, then you will not feel so badly when others point it out.

- Pop a couple of sticks of chewing gum in your mouth and enjoy chewing. You will have seen some sportsman doing this all the time!

- Drink a cup of warm milk with some added honey. Retire to a dark room and go in to meditation.

- Try and divert the mind to some thing else. Recall your favourite last holiday, a recent big achievement, a noble worthy act or help rendered to a needy person. It will make you feel better.

- You should be aware that we all have our share of problems, so there is no point in allowing it to affect you. Solve it to the best possible extent and move on. Tomorrow will be a different day.

- Realise that there are limitations to your ability and the resources at your command. You do your share and God will take care of the balance. Have Faith.

- Keep telling yourself that you are a good person and that only good will happen to you. Repeat this ten times and positive vibrations will start happening.

Written by Raghuraman

February 13th, 2009 at 7:43 pm

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A letter from father to son

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Every father and mother has the welfare of their children as their primary focus and their time and energy will be given always. The roles played vary with the child’s age and needs, nevertheless in the whole process a close bond is established and it remains unchanged. In quiet moments this is recalled it and it always brings a smile, happy feelings and moments of bliss.

When it comes to writing the thoughts of a father and what he would want to communicate to his son, the following are some of the main aspects that come to my mind as a father myself who is a very close friend and well wisher to my sons:

- Life is precious and equally fragile. So everyday is a gift. Try and live it to the best of your ability in any given opportunity.

- Be aware of every passing second. Watch all the activity happening around you- it will make you active. It may be the birds going about in search of food, the sun coming out in the eastern horizon, flower buds opening out or pet animals happily playing with one another. Time and space never remains constant.

- Appreciate your mother’s cooking. Praise it to Heaven! Make it a habit to eat together as a family, rather make it a rule, and a special rapport will form in the family.

- Follow your Heart. The mind will waver, but the heart seldom does. Respect the voice of your inner conscience for decision and direction.

- Seek a job which you will enjoy doing as you enter the stage of careers and cocktails. It is possible that you will get sucked in to the vortex called the rat race, but never be overwhelmed. We all are human, but we need to have the courage to step out of it. Nothing will be lost, only some illusions will shatter. Consider this a good riddance.

- Money is important. Earn well, adequately to support your family needs, your plans for future, savings for rainy days and retirement and for paying back to parents and society for their help in making you what you are today. Enjoy the pleasure of earning but never allow money to control you or your conscience. Remain balanced and humane. This is a very useful and very powerful tool to give you strength and propel you forward so use it very carefully.

- Find your love and hold on dearly. Be a good father and husband. Give your children space to make mistakes but be available to help and hold them when they fall. Your being with them should make them happy and confident.

- Speak up when you have to. Try not to live in a state of fear, fear changes nothing. Encourage the formation of an environment where there is respect, care and concern for each other. The power and initiative is in your hands as is with everyone.

- Don’t have regrets, however learn from the mistakes and, wherever possible, make early and quick amendments. Do not carry grudges as it does not help anyone.

- An unlimited capacity and potential is within you. It is your job to discover, unearth and make it useful to you and your society. Great discoveries of science have not been made by accident but from consistent and hard effort. Never get discouraged by failure of efforts, they are only stepping stones to success.

- Follow the example of a master or guide but decide your own direction.

- We can not be perfect or right all the time. Slips and failures can happen, it is part of life, but as long as you realize that your positives are better and higher than your negatives you have nothing to fear.

- Caring words are not enough to express the care and concern reflected through a sister, mother, wife, grandmother or great grandmother. From our very beginnings through growth, development and our current situations they have played an important role and continue to have a special status. They are the very foundation of our existence. We have confidence in their opinions and judgments. We have to continue this excellent and supportive tradition without any reservation, hesitation, influence or egotism.

I will continue to remain proud of you, my dear son. May you be blessed with growth and achievement.

Take care

Your Father

Written by Raghuraman

February 13th, 2009 at 6:52 pm