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Touching the Earth: A Yogic Practice

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I acknowledge with thanks the writer Thich Nhat Hanh for the following inspiring information

There is a practice evolved from Buddhism called “Touching the Earth”. This yogic procedure helps us to realize our wish to generate love, compassion, joy and equanimity. During the practice we touch the earth deeply 6 times. We touch the earth with our forehead, legs and hands. Our mind and body forms a perfect whole. We surrender our pride, notions of fear, resentments and even hopes and enter the world of things as they are. We thereby return to our own source of wisdom and we are no longer separate from the mother Earth.

We join our palms and bow in 10 directions: east, west, south, north, north east, north west, south east, south west, above, below and an eleventh direction- within.

During the 6 earth touching we follow a procedure. In the first we look deeply within. In the second we see the connection between ourselves and other living beings, including those who live around us. By the fifth earth touching we are able to feel true love for the people we have disliked. All hatred and anger will disappear and we only want the person whom we hated to enjoy happiness and peace.

We are able to reach that point because we are able to love ourselves. So touching the earth and involving ourselves in the six meditations generates in us deep love, affection and acceptance. When we are able to love a person who made us miserable we realize what a miracle love is.

The closer you lie against the Earth, melting in to the Earth, the better you become nothing in order to become everything.

After practicing touching the earth for two or three months, you will feel deeply refreshed, strong and healthy. You will love life and be able to smile because the energies of hatred and ill will in you will have greatly diminished to enrich and elevate yourself.

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September 6th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

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Live in the present, free of past and future

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Living in the present moment is the only way to live and live well. It is in the present that we touch base with our inner selves and come to terms with the reality outside. We need to continuously say goodbye to our past situations and circumstances and our reactions to them. It is in the now that we plan and project a future we want to ensure for ourselves.

With the dawn of each new day brings a time of peace, thanksgiving and prayer loaded with positive vibrations in thoughts and speech. As the day progresses we go on to encounter both the good and the bad. We should choose in each moment the good in us to weaken the low and unpalatable. This will act as a bridge going from from one good example to another.

We should live in the now, experiencing the richness of the present moment. By doing this we are extracted and uprooted from the past and the impending future. It is in the now that we make our encounter with the Divine. Nature knows no past or future. It is our human consciousness that relates to reality, as if it were an unfinished event or an inevitable future.

When we remain in the now we are open to enjoying all that is given to us as a gift. We experience to the full joy, sadness, laughter, pain, hope, dismay, beauty, ugliness –all wrapped up as a gift for the present. It is in the now that we rise when we rise, pray when we pray, eat when we eat and live as we live. In such an existence the past is over and future is still a way off .

The now helps us to arrive at our destination in the most effective way possible. So live now to the full, catch the early morning sunrise, enjoy the mist, dew, rain and snow, eat a healthy breakfast and enjoy the work of the day. Enjoy your leisure time, spend enough time exercising, begin each fresh day with a prayer and share your experiences with your near and dear. Above all, enjoy doing all these things!

The “now enjoy” technique never lets you down, because you are responsible for it from your own inner being which will provide the pattern and harmony for a more meaningful, richer life.

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September 6th, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Words of wisdom to stay healthy

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Healthy body: focus on more eating wheat products

Healthy skin: use olive oil

Healthy eyes: do eye exercises every day, use lubricating oils/drops once in while

Healthy hair: use approved Ayurvedic oils twice a week

Healthy fruit: apple and papaya

Healthy food: oats, green vegetables, green salad, grains and sprouts

Healthy exercise: yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), walking,

Healthy drinks: four glasses of water first thing in the morning and apple juice any time

Healthy mind: meditation every day

Healthy beliefs:  kindness, fellow feeling, empathy

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September 6th, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Happiness is in your reach

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The writer wishes to acknowledge the presentation and information provided by author Marguerite Theophill

We all seem to carry a notion that some people have smooth and trouble free lives, some are happy and lucky while others seem to have lot of misfortunes and are unlucky. We assign ourselves to one of these groups depending on the situation. This is an illusion created by our own thinking, a state of  mind. In reality, happiness does not happen to us it happens by us!

This does not mean we should ignore the painful reality of what happens in our day to day lives. We can feel miserable and make others around us also miserable. However, we can choose our response to something at any given point in time, and it is entirely in our hands. All of us experience the tension and pressures of the day, some of which is created by us while some gets imposed upon us. We can feel miserable and we choose to be angry and furious. There is a good alternative here; we can call upon the graces of the moment, remind ourselves  of our good fortunes, breath calmly for a few minutes, find something else to focus upon and some thing to be grateful for. We can choose between forever brooding or instead can focus on healing and moving on.

Happiness is called upon and cultivated, involving un-learning as much as learning.

Experiences in life can create habits and patterns that become deeply ingrained, influencing our moods and choices. We should realize that blaming others for our miseries, even if partially true, is  only an excuse. It can not give us the peace and happiness which we crave for all the time. It instead serves to increase our miseries and suffering.

Cultivating a feeling of happiness is a self generated cycle of activity. It is biological as much as physical. When you take time out for a walk, move to view the greenery, pray and meditate, dance and sing along to a favorite tune, or share moments with special people then happy hormones flood your system keeping you healthy. For this you should first accept that happiness is something that is generated within and it can come with time and practice.

Happiness is saying yes to more caring relationships, yes to more positive emotions and engagements. An assured way to a fuller, meaningful life and relationships.

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September 6th, 2009 at 12:54 pm

Medical emergencies whilst travelling

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While you are traveling, on a holiday or moving to a new location there is a risk that one can run in to some sudden health problems. These can come when least expected and can become a big nuisance. However there are a few tips and ready solutions which can come to the rescue until one is able to reach each a medical centre or doctor.  The following will give much needed preventative measures and first aid help.

Some common medical emergencies are:

- Blood pressure sudden changes

- Tension

- One sided headache

- Cold

- Back pain

- Indigestion

Blood Pressure

Possible causes are excessive salt intake combined with excess weight and tension. The arteries use a particular level of pressure to carry the blood throughout the body, which is 120/80. When the arteries shrink or when there is a block the pressure increases and can become 120-135/80-99. Therefore it is possible that systolic pressure can go to 135 and diastolic pressure to 95. If not attended to, this can lead to paralysis, stroke and kidney function problems

Exercise is a very beneficial in this case. Therefore simple solutions include regular walking (30-45 minutes every day), use steps to climb instead of taking the lift, walk or cycle to the market instead of using a car or motor bike. Also, try doing some physical jobs at home including cleaning house, cooking, polishing etc


When you have one law for yourself and another law for others you are a likely candidate for mental tension. Another cause is over expectation. When you have tension, the WBC count in the blood can get affected and body resistance will be lowered. The symptoms are frequent headaches, increased blood pressure, frequent urination, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and tired feelings.

Suggested solutions are to think often about your achievements and success. Try not to view everything negatively (remember the cup half full story), do not compare yourself with others and spend more time with family members and friends. Focus on some exercise every day (45 -90 minutes), learn and attempt prayers, yoga and meditation. Think differently and develop self confidence. Read about achievers, take failures as a lesson for success and plan for an orderly day. As we can often invite tension in our daily lives, we have a responsibility to drive it out also.

One-sided headache

When we get a striking pain in one side of the head it can become unbearable if left unattended. Some get it regularly, for some it is only occasionally. Those with sugar problems can also get this if they do not eat properly and in good time. Symptoms are include blurred vision, seeing spots, numbness in legs and arms, and even vomiting.

Remedies include:

- Soak a towel in hot water, wring it out well and use it to massage the shoulder and back

- Drink a cup of tea without milk (you can also take two aspirins)

- Forget any recent incidents from home or work and try to rest in a cool, well ventilated place away from light

- If the pain is very severe doctors recommend use of a Sebilium tablet (check with your doctor)


For a normal cold Paracetamol tablets can be taken for 3 days. You can also get relief with massages of vapor rub (Vicks). Avoid cold drinks and  expensive cold remedy tablets as they are no better than Paracetamol tablets. One should also increase the intake of vitamin C and A, This can be done by taking plenty of cabbage, soya beans, orange, and carrots with your food. Drink warm soups.

Good food and rest will help a lot to reduce the impact of a cold virus. For further relief, inhale the vapor from a spoon of Vicks in hot water and covering your head with a towe.

Back Pain

There could be many reasons for back pain. Major causes include: continued and prolonged sitting in one sedentary posture (suffered by office workers), sudden lifting of heavy weighing objects, standing for long periods, wearing high heel shoes and being over weight with a high BMI index. Women are more likely to suffer from this when there is no physical activity, during pregnancy when weight increases or during the menopause phase when estrogen secretion increases.

Solutions for this pain include:

- Rest and good rest! Try sleeping on the floor with legs raised onsupports.

- A cold compress with ice cubes inside a folded cloth for 15 minutes, 4 times a day. Do not place ice directly on the skin.

- If pain persist after 48 hours, try hot water baths or keeping a hot water bottle

- Gentle massage over the pain area can be done, but do not press hard over the back bone

- Medicines can be tried including aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or paracetamol (only take one of them)

If the back pain continues for over two weeks you are advised to see a doctor. Pain can often be cured once the cause is identified.


The usual symptoms are a curling pain in the stomach, a burning sensation in the lower chest area, one sided headache, and belching. However, it is possible that these are symptoms could indicate some other complaint so be wary. The causes of indigestion include over-eating, eating foods high in oil content, eating excessively spicy foods, eating uncooked meat and excessive tea, tobacco or alcohol. People with mental tension, fast eaters or those with dental problems are prone to indigestion.

Solutions include:

- The risks are greater when you travel as you are away from home eating a different food, so eat moderately and slowly, chewing the food well

- Avoid eating spicy or masala foods. Avoid chocolates, onion, garlic, lime and tomatoes.

- Avoid over dried, fried foods or cold foods

- Stop eating at least two hours before going to bed

- Do not smoke

- Avoid tight clothes

- Try doing yoga, meditation when you feel tension

- Drink digestive Ayurvedic products: jeera water, ginger water etc

- Take anti-acids (Ranitidin or omipprazol tablets), this will reduce excessive secretion of acids in the stomach

All of these are temporary solutions,  if the problem continues  see a doctor at the earliest opportunity.

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