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Are we prepared to face 2012?

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Disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and cyclones have a way of happening to us when we least expect them. Their effect, intensity and location may differ but they can leave behind a colossal loss of human and animal life as well as the destruction of homes, roads and commercial buildings. Most of the time we are caught off guard and precious time is lost in mobilizing support systems. While this is not meant as a criticism of the efforts and help being meted out to those suffering from such calamities, it seems sensible to plan ahead for a National and International program with the necessary resources. Such forces with people and material should be located in strategic areas in each nation. Their services should be made available to the needy around the world and should be coordinated by the United Nations. Considering that we have had many disasters during the last 2 years it is pertinent that the UN have a dedicated division to meet such challenges on a global basis.

We are today forewarned of possible disasters in the year 2012 by many predictions. For instance the readings of Nostradamus (four of his earlier predictions have come true) says that there will be a scarcity of food and an economic downturn as a result of major earthquakes, floods and tidal waves in many places of the world. These include UK, Canada, coastal and river valley towns in India, many coastal states of USA and the Far East. It is also reported that the planet Nibru, which crosses the path of earth and the sun once in 3600 years, will be in action by December 2010. As a result earthquakes and tsunami have been indicated. Such predictions are recorded in Sumerians noting who were instrumental in the discovery of Neptune and Pluto. A number of Siddars have indicted as early as 1985 the possibility of tsunami type waves occurring in many places in 2012. Many planetary readers also indicate the pollution in the air, water and earth will alter basic nature and these elements can lead to major disasters. The Far East will be a major casualty.

Reflecting on the present, the current situation in Haiti is a gross reflection of how a sudden earthquake can do such large damage, resulting in millions of people homeless and starving for food and water. It will take over 10 years to bring some sort of stability and restore balance to the ailing Haitian’s. The work of support organisation’s like the Red Cross has been commendable. They have been working almost 18 hours a day proving support and relief under demanding and straining conditions, managing with minimum needs and their work continues.

Slowly we are also beginning to realize and feel the changes that are happening to our weather: unusual high day temperatures, delay in onset of seasons and monsoon, rise in sea water levels and melting of glaziers. The world by large is slowly recovering from the down trends of 2008/2009 and it may take a few years more to bring a balance and achieve the projected growth for the developed and developing countries. In this context another major reversal (this time by forces of nature, though we are instrumental) can be a major reversal to all our efforts. Individuals and Nations have a role to play to avoid such a disaster. Individuals can consciously work towards saving energy, avoid use of plastic, achieve savings in water consumption and try and reduce carbon emissions using more public transport and sharing of cars. We can bring more area under green coverage, plant more trees and cut back on deforestation.

Leaders of the world should meet to prepare a blue print and action plan to create better awareness to bring down global warming on a National and Global level. Creation of specific task forces and monitoring bodies should not be delayed or postponed. The world central body of representatives should meet frequently to review progress both at the national and world level. Such an action will place us on a better footing if the predictions for December 2012 come true and at the very least will help us to better prepared to face disasters.

Over a period of time it will help in mitigating the adverse effects of global warming. Leaders of developed and developing countries should actively involve themselves in the campaign which will influence individuals and nations. International bodies such as the UN and World Bank will be a great support for such actions.

It is my hope and prayer that this article catches the attention of policy makers and it is my appeal to like-minded friends to forward and share these feelings with others. The support of Google, the world’s largest resource base, is solicited to promote this campaign and achieve the desired result for the benefit and betterment of mankind.

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