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Evolve sustainable job opportunities

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Globally, the employment problem has been on the rise for many decades. Governments are finding it very hard to cope with this and temporary stop gap arrangements have not solved the issue. The extent of the problem has been increasing all the time with rises in population and the problem is most acute in rural areas. This has resulted in people moving away from their traditional areas to urban cities in search of jobs. A time has come to carefully analyze the problem and take logical steps to find solutions. Before we sink deeper in to the problem created by us, it is time Governments and citizens become aware of the issue and take immediate steps to solve it.

It boils down to the fact that we have been overlooking all the sustainable jobs offered by Mother Nature to mankind. There is a mind set which has taken a deep root in us that such jobs are not suitable or do not pay well in line with the developments of the social economic scene of our current living. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In India there are millions of acres of land lying idle and uncultivated for one reason or another. Statistics indicate the figure as over 200 million acres. One acre of land can give employment to 2 people. Estimates show we have over 360 million in the combined strength of cows and buffalo. Two cows can provide employment to 5 people. Our forests occupy over 75000 sq kilometers. One square kilometer of forest can provide employment to 200 people.

The potential available in the oceans is 20 times more. A rough calculation will show all these natural resources can provide direct /indirect employment to over 100 million people

These are sustainable and growing jobs as they are capable of regeneration and they do not pollute or damage our nature. Why then do we continue to ignore such vast opportunities?

The missing link lies in the mind set of people and State. We need to clearly identify these opportunities and research and evolve viable working models. We have a number of research institutes all over the country, and a set number of their faculties should target their work to creating rural based job opportunities using these resources. It time to put a stop to academic research work and focus on need based research. Graduate research work should be assigned for this. States should translate all positive results and solutions and provide all support for such programmes .to reach the common man. Corporate organizations will then come forward to invest in such ventures based in rural sectors.

Efforts and supports must be provided to convert the results of such ventures to provide livelihoods and economic return to all participants. We can not expect the common man, who is occupied with work to earn his daily bread, to initiate this activity. They may be aware of the potential of natural resources, but are unable to find a way to tap and use the same; they also lack the resources and capacity. However when we give opportunity they will understand its productive and sustainable significance.

The growing success of self-help groups and NGOs in Tamilnadu (India) is a an example how local teams of people using local raw materials and resources can provide a meaningful livelihood to people all around.

There are three steps to accomplish anything in life. They are to plan purposefully, to proceed positively and to pursue persistently. Such a plan should be set in motion to achieve a lasting solution and sustainable job opportunities. This should become a national movement which drives forward our economic status, and be a model for all developing and developed nations to follow.

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April 5th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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