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Life is a test, face it

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We strive to find fulfillment in our lives as human beings, to lead a life filled with bliss. To achieve this we select the spiritual path. How ever as we go about it we are bound to face both favorable and unfavorable circumstances in the course of the journey. Should we abandon our pursuit because of that?

When circumstances start becoming favorable you, it shows you succeeded in this path a little bit. How ever if we start facing adversities, then take it as a sure sign that you need to double your efforts / tread/ this path with greater speed. When troubles and obstacles come our way, it perhaps God wants to establish us quickly in our divine nature of serenity. On the other hand if pleasures and comforts come our way, it might mean that God knows our weakness [that we are devoted to pleasures] and so he gives us these toys, His way of testing you.

How ever we should be very careful to accept the toys as they come, but don’t get carried away by them. The point is, take care that the toys do not take control over you, becoming the focal point of your life. Accept them as gifts from God, receive it as a Prasad, then do not eat it alone, but distribute to others as well

Similarly when you are blessed with competence or comforts, make good use of them in the service of God. Like wise when faced with obstacles or difficulties just tide over them, and get back to your serene nature. Such a devotee quickly succeeds in his spiritual endeavours.Do not become bloated in favorable circumstance, nor loose heart in adverse conditions. Both Happiness and sorrow will invariably pass way .Irrespective of the nature of the present situation, you must always reiterate in you mid that this too, will pass over. Keep telling your mind that, Even this too shall pass away” .This will quieten your mind and gradually eliminate your sense of attachment or hatred

Make your vision divine and see the world as an expression of divinity. Become aware that your wealth, power and property will not accompany you on your final journey. It is only your intrinsic nature that will accompany you after your death. Therefore always try to elevate your nature. let it touch the loftiest heights of sublimity ..Once the sun of knowledge rises on the horizon of your life, then the mind ,and the illusions will be destroyed.Affilictions like lust ,greed ,anger will dissipate and disappear

They alone, whom He loves/are by Him tried and put to test/the treaures of His benign grace/Does He shower on them under this pretext

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September 30th, 2010 at 3:05 pm

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