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Feathered friends

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We have many birds who make their attendence every day from all three open directions in our flat.

In the kitchen window southern side we have kept few earthen pots for grains, cooked Rice, crunchies/Murukku and water. Crows and pigeons come for their fill. While crows prefer Rice, crunchies, Idli/Chappathi/Bread, it is Ragi/Thenai grains for pigeons. The male  pigeons always manage to bring in one or two new  girl friends and they all eat very systematically like a military drill and polish every grain. I also notice that they do a prayer and pradashanam to lord for their daily meal. A very good habbit!

The Mynas occupy the southern bedroom space above the Air Conditioner cover and below the concrete rain barrier. They bring in thier own food and all kinds of dry material for their nest which they build as a team of two with the males doing all the work, and the female bird ordering/making all the noise till she is satisfied.

The Sparrows build their nests in the bamboo sunshade we have put in the western balcony. They are very active between September and March. Very hard workers, keeping their beak sharply polished for use at all times. Protecive of their offsprings, they manage to get some food for them and feed them first and sing happily afterwards.

The Pigeons come on the northen side of my bed room window above the Air Conditioner. They create a racket with their kur kur kur in the wrong time of the afternoon when I try to get some shut eye. They manage to get all wooden pieces, straw and dry matter to build a tightly knitted nest. Like a good samaritan I permit then to a certain extent. What to do Geetha will not permit me to drive them away.

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