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Pranic Healing and Yoga

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Our life styles are changing as we attempt to adopt and change ourselves to be in tune with
technology and science. In the process, unknowingly or knowingly, we are neglecting our health.
Issues are often caused by sedentary life styles, imbalanced diet, limited exercise or no time allotted for one’s self. This is a concern now for all age groups from school-going youngsters to senior citizens. Stress, tension and the pressures of daily existence can be remedied with allopath pain relievers instantly, though the problems can surface again after a few days or sometimes can lie hidden to surface later in life.

Pranic healing and yoga have emerged successfully in our search for an effective alternative with no
side effects and can provide lasting cures. Pranic healing is an ancient science and art that utilises
the prana of life energy to heal the whole of the physical body. It involves manipulation of prana
and the bio plasma matter of the patient’s body. The life energy, or prana, is utilised to accelerate
the healing process by increasing the rate of bio chemical reactions involved in the natural healing
process. The benefits are many. It can help to give relief from headaches, gas problems, toothache,
muscle and joint pains, cough, cold, loose bowl movements and so on. Cures can be obtained in
matter of a few minutes.

After a course in pranic healing the patient is taught the practices of yoga to sustain the benefits
over a long time. We are equipped and prepared to face the rigours of the day. Yoga is based on
the belief that the body and breathing are intimately connected with the mind. It balances and
harmonises the body, mind and emotions. It is used as a tool to withdraw from the chaos of the
world to find total peace and quietitude.It reduces the recovery time from illness and helps to
develop a stress free mind which is calm and composed all the time. The benefits include increased
flexibility and energy, better coordination and a reduction of fatigue, to give a cheerful healthy life.

Dr Chandra Swaminathan realised the benefits and potentials of these two practices to provide
basic self-support to all in need and has equipped herself with the knowledge and practice over the
last two decades. She has helped many to recover from acute and sub acute problems. Chandra
provides one to one sessions, in most cases teaching the students in her centre at Chennai. As a
nutrition expert she modifies diet patterns to support a speedy recovery from illness. Chandra
says ‘Starving is no solution, but balanced foods are the answer”. She also recommends fresh fruits
and plenty of vegetables in balanced proportions in addition to small quantities of dry nuts like
almonds, badam, peanuts and walnuts every day. She emphasises to maintain correct fluid balances
with a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water every day in addition to fresh fruit juices.

People come to her from various age groups. School going children come with common issues such
as problems of cold, cough, wheezing and lack of concentration over weight issues. Women of
middle age come with problems of tension and stress, body pain and blood pressure and vertigo.
IT professionals commonly have problems pain in the neck, shoulder and back, lack of sleep and
appetite issues. Senior citizens come with headaches, body pain, joint pain, poor coordination and
reduced appetite. Dr Chandra evaluates each case and prepares a program for relief and recovery.
The success rate is so high that her services are sought after by many. This has been possible
because of her commitment to the cause and her sincere dedicated efforts. Her weekly program has a minimum of 30 sessions with patients. Dr Chandra’s motto is to bring cheer and smiles back to patients’ lives and this she does extremely well. She advises a routine of early morning walks followed by a session of 30 minutes of yoga every day. She says start living for yourselves, take care of your body and the body will take care of you. Dr Chandra can reached through email here.

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